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Description:  Sculplla is a facial filler mask treatment that will plump the skin and smooth out wrinkles. No filler injections. This treatment facial includes double cleanser, enzyme or lactic acid exfoliation to remove dead skin, application of plla serum, Sculplla mist, application and removal or mask, red LED, and finishing application of Sculplla Mist and Caviplla Serum/Moisturizer.

Single Treatment:  $200

  -Results up to 6 weeks

Series of 3 (done one week apart):  $550

   -Results up to 5 months

Series of 5 (done one week apart):  $825

   -Results up to 9 months

Recommended for best results is with use of

Sculplla Mist 120 ml $90,

Caviplla Serum 30 ml $90

Sculplla Cell Repair Cream 50 ml $140

Scuplla H2 Promoter Repair Eye Cream $80

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Sculplla Facial Filler Mask Treatment

First Session Sculplla Results

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