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Macro close up of woman having facial mesotherapy. Therapist applying flat head plasma pen

Lift, Peel & Glow

Lift, Peel & Glow is a Korean treatment using Cold Plasma and HOP ( House of PLLA) products from Korea. This treatment is anti-aging, promotes wound healing, skin regeneration, and is antimicrobial.  Great for those who need firming, brightening, reducing redness from chronic irritated skin conditions and great for skin sterilization (kills P. acnes). The HOP Refiner Peel is so gentle that it can be applied weekly. A HOP 24K Gold Mask is used to plump up the skin along with Oxygen Dome. This treatment can be done every 2 weeks.  $150


Contrindications - Pacemaker, epilepsy and pregnancy.

Also known as CAP or Cold Atmospheric Plasma.  Unlike Jet Plasma or Hot Plasma, there is zero downtime.  Helps with hydration and product penetration. CAP sterilizes the skin and helps speed up wound healing.  Reduces chronic skin conditions such as rosacea and reduces redness from acne breakouts. CAP helps to brighten the skin and also for lifting.

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Skin Rehab

This skin care treatment is to help rehabilitate the skin after sun exposure, skin dryness, peeling, sunburns, and irritated skin through the use of oxygen treatments. O2 will help heal the skin, restore TEWL (transepidermal water loss), reduce redness and bring suppleness and dewiness back to the skin. Perfect for those who got sunburned, windburned, chemical peels, rosacea and irritated skin. Oxygenceuticals Korean medical grade skin care line will be used for this treatment using, oxygen infusion, Glass Dome and Astrodome treatments. This is not a facial and extractions are not done in this treatment.  $125

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